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Latimer’s latest live double CD has just been released and has received the following almost ecstatic review –

“Mark Latimer is amazing, not something I would say lightly but this 2 CD set has completely surprised and delighted me from start to finish” – Sammy Stein

it is available internationally from Amazon alongside Latimer’s last recording, Warner Classics and Jazz box set re-release of his 2004 CD of the Reger Bach and Telemann Variations and Fugues –

“Even though I learned the Telemann set from Jorge Bolet, I enjoyed this different approach. Latimer certainly has the measure of these scores, as well as the technique; nicely detailed and the piano sound is very fine.” – The Gramophone,0190295974824/reger-max-reger-the-centenary-collection

Finally, herewith a remarkably candid live radio interview Mark Latimer undertook in October 0217 with one of America’s leading and most influential jazz radio stations and programmes

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