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Latimer’s latest live double CD has just been released and has received the following almost ecstatic review by the doyenne of jazz writers, journalists, broadcasters and authors, Sammy Stein and was originally published in the Netherland’s leading jazz publication, Jazz in Europe

“Mark Latimer is amazing, not something I would say lightly but this 2 CD set has completely surprised and delighted me from start to finish” – Sammy Stein

it is available internationally from Amazon alongside Latimer’s last recording, Warner Classics and Jazz box set re-release of his 2004 CD of the Reger Bach and Telemann Variations and Fugues –

“Even though I learned the Telemann set from Jorge Bolet, I enjoyed this different approach. Latimer certainly has the measure of these scores, as well as the technique; nicely detailed and the piano sound is very fine.” – The Gramophone,0190295974824/reger-max-reger-the-centenary-collection

Finally, herewith a remarkably candid live radio interview Mark Latimer undertook in October 0217 with one of America’s leading and most influential jazz radio stations and programmes, Jazz Bites Radio and the great interviewer Anthea Redmond

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